September 16th, 2020

Good morning Senator Cornyn,

Firstly, I would like to thank you, and your staff for reaching out to me by telephone on September 1st and 2nd for your call.  It was a very positive and informative dialog.

Because of the early intervention by the Republican Party together with their stand on saving American lives first, we averted the loss of millions of lives. Imagine the hysteria of the nation if the Republicans did not act so quickly and systematically in closing down our country and quarantining our nation in the orderly manner it was accomplished.  Calm, Decisive Leadership is what the country needs. That is exactly what you and the Republican administration deliver, and it is exactly the type of leadership this Nation requires moving forward as we all recover from this national crises in the most positive light,  lifting everyone up with dignity and respect along the way.

The Republican leadership, by addressing all those in financial need, was without a doubt, the most bipartisan act this nation has seen since WWII.  It was conducted with honor, grace, and dignity. Every American should be proud of the Republicans leadership regarding all of the monetary stimulus packages being structured as a hand-up for all in need, and not a hand-out to those that don’t.

Lastly, I would like to address a few items that were touched upon during our call.  If you recall, you mentioned that you would like to assist with getting everyone that has been affected by the pandemic the assistance they need, including entrepreneurs, startups and all businesses. You also talked about creating jobs for America and Texas.  Then you provided your email address and asked us to send you an email with our needs and you would get to work on it. 

Senator Cornyn, my company Heaven Sent Industries, PBC., is one of those quiet little 5 year old startup tech companies that had its financing derailed, due to the Pandemic lock-down. Our company was in the middle of closing funding for our new Texas sized, innovative, agriculture industry disruptive, and transformative eco-friendly sustainable development project that will bring 6,000 new direct hi-tech agriculture jobs and 12,000 indirect jobs to Texas and throughout the United States of America.  The lender was from the UAE.  The loan was approved; U.S. Ambassador Ret. Ussery, and I were to travel to Dubai to close on the lending facility for $3.5B (Three Billion Five Hundred Million Dollars), this was a ten year debt instrument secured by the projects projected revenue stream with a 4.5% interest only payment, with a balloon at the end of the term to be payed out of the established sinking fund. Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic shutdown, funding sources for this type of venture has dried up unless we can obtain some form of a government loan guarantee.

All of us here at Heaven Sent Industries, PBC., have worked diligently to bring  Texas 6,000 new direct and 12,000 indirect eco-friendly green jobs to fruition through our industry transformative sustainable project.  We even have a tentative $300m (Three hundred Million Dollars) acquisition for equity in our company that is being derailed by this Pandemic. This transaction would set a market cap value on Heaven Sent Industries, PBC., near $18B (Eighteen Billion Dollars). This strategic acquisition will bring a monumental disruptive shift in hi-tech sustainable agriculture and accelerate our projected positive annual revenue streams to $500m (Five hundred Million Dollars) within 36 months and $1B within 5 years here in America with our added value agriculture program.

Heaven Sent Industries, PBC., needs your assistance Senator Cornyn. We need the aid of the full Texas delegation from both houses and both parties. Our company is not seeking a handout just a hand up. We know you’re the Leader to spearhead this for all concerned; landing those 6,000 new direct jobs here in Texas has your name all over it. 

Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic, the environment of domestic and international financing for new innovative industry; disruptive and transformative eco-friendly, sustainable development, job creating companies like Heaven Sent Industries, PBC.,  requires  the Federal Government to provide a life line to us in the form of  Loan Guarantees. Without such a loan guarantee the 6,000 new direct and 12,000 indirect jobs will be lost.  Just imagine what 6,000 new hi-tech agriculture jobs and 12,000 indirect jobs will do for Texas and America. This is why we need your assistance to secure our company this much needed loan guarantee.

Here are a few sentences of our proposed legislation for your review, to wit;

“For the security of our nation, pursuant to the Food Safety Modernization Act, together with the creation of new American agricultural industry jobs, the USDA shall provide up to ten billion dollars in loan guarantees to American entities. To qualify, each entity shall create 5,000 new, direct full-time, American agriculture industry jobs, including health benefits, and living wages with special consideration provided to entities employing Military Veterans preferences’. Qualifying entities shall encompass sustainable green production methods that shall combat depleting resources, and ecological degradation, with no single entity receiving greater than three billion five hundred million dollars in loan guarantees.”

As you can see we kept it short and to the point. 

Although we understand it is a long shot to include our request in any upcoming or future legislation, we are confident that you are the Senator to unite the Texas Delegation to bring these 6,000 new direct jobs to Texas by securing this type of legislation. We are not seeking “Grants” like those found at page 2066 to 2072 of the proposed William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 for the semiconductor industry. Nor are we seeking Direct Loans from the Government or Federal Reserve, or forgiveness of any such loans as so many others request from time to time. Heaven Sent Industries, PBC., is only seeking the life line in the form of a loan guarantee to secure those new 6,000 Direct jobs for Texas and 12,000 indirect jobs for America at large.  With the loan guarantee, Heaven Sent Industries, PBC., shall be an extremely profitable new hi-tech job creating  company for many years to come.

Herein below you will find the Bio’s of our Officers and Directors for your review.

We look forward to working with you and your staff in securing this loan guarantee and bring those 6,000 new hi-tech direct jobs home to Texas where they belong..

I would like to thank you in advanced for all your assistance in these matters.


Daniel M. Hatton, Ph.D., Founder,
Heaven Sent Industries, PBC.
340.5 South Main Street
Follett, Texas 79034
(432)693-6149 Direct line

“From the beginning, the Founder created Heaven Sent Industries, PBC., to promote empowerment of sustainable and renewable resources benefiting ecological, environmental, educational, health and welfare of our community and employee’s by recycling and reducing waste of our natural resources, and improving the quality of life for our families as we attempt to reduce our carbon footprint to ZERO or less.” 

The information contained in this transmission includes privileged and/or confidential information intended only for the use of the person(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, use, dissemination or copying of this message, or of the information contained herein, is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please immediately contact the sender by email and destroy all copies of the message. 

Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation formed pursuant to Title 8, Chapter 1, Subchapter XV of the Delaware General Corporation Law

Leading the Way with Nature-Based Solutions sm

Meet Our Team

Mr. Ray G. Buckles

Mr. Ray G. Buckles, President, CEO, Chairman of the Board

Ray Buckles, President, CEO and Chairman of Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is a results-driven entrepreneur, business executive, engineer, inventor and the holder of numerous United States and International patents in various industries and technologies. He has strong general business qualifications and is a seasoned and experienced business and financial consultant as well as an accomplished developer and manufacturer of innovative high-tech devices and related equipment who has managed and founded numerous technology and other companies in various fields.

In 1981, while attending DeVry Institute of Technology, Mr. Buckles joined Aerospace, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of aircraft avionics equipment. While with Aerospace, Inc., Mr. Buckles participated in the design and testing of numerous advanced avionics technology projects including several innovative designs for advanced products ultimately deployed on commercial aircraft, advanced military aircraft, armored weapons systems, and the space shuttle.

In 1984 Mr. Buckles accepted a position with McDonnell Douglas Corporation serving in their engineering laboratories. While at McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Mr. Buckles received United States government security clearances to allow him to participate in several advanced top secret military aircraft programs and advanced weapons systems, many of which are now being deployed. Mr. Buckles left McDonnell Douglas Corporation in 1995 to focus on his own endeavors.

In 1991, while at McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Mr. Buckles founded and served as President and CEO of ACM, Inc., a contract engineering, development, and manufacturing company. At ACM, Inc., his responsibilities were numerous and diverse. He guided the company through sourcing and establishing multiple in-house assembly lines for numerous high-tech electronic and pneumatic products in various industries including the medical field and truck tire industry. He successfully selected and managed over 200 vendors and subcontractors worldwide, coordinating their efforts and resources with those of the company, creating a positive effect on the bottom line for the shareholders. Mr. Buckles hired and managed key production line personnel, support staff and a top-notch engineering staff and personally participated in the design and development of numerous high technology products in various industries. He also secured funding for the expansion of the company and its product lines.

In 2004 Mr. Buckles participated as a business and technology consultant to a startup technology company. During this time he advised and assisted the company and its founders in manufacturing, assembly and deployment of its product lines, including coordinating and assisting with numerous international suppliers and subcontractors. Mr. Buckles employed “tariff engineering” techniques to create strategic methods of importing component assemblies from international sources, positively impacting the company’s operations. He also assisted the company in becoming publicly trading, resulting in a market capitalization of over $200,000,000USD in just a few months.

From 2005 to 2007 Mr. Buckles served as a business and technology consultant to the founders of Dignity Products, Inc., a medical device technology company. From 2007 to 2012 the founders and Board of Directors engaged his services as interim President and CEO. While serving at Dignity Products, Inc., Mr. Buckles managed all operations of the company both domestic and international, directed international multi-center clinical trials, directed product development and marketing strategies, managed finance and accounting, and supervised investor relations. He conducted and completed clinical trials in Italy, directing an international staff of doctors and medical professionals including the participation of ten international medical centers and directed the publishing of clinical trial results in high profile medical publications through international company medical staff. Mr. Buckles successfully guided the company through a two year IRS audit, seeking taxes and penalties on $300,000,00USD but was resolved resulting in a nominal IRS refund to the company and quantified, through this audit, the company’s $498,000,000USD valuation.

From 2010 to 2012 Edward Jones Investments engaged Mr. Buckles to serve as a financial advisor. His duties included offering competent and relevant financial and investment advice to numerous clients and overseeing substantial assets-under-management for those clients. While with Edward Jones Investments he substantially grew the assets under management and was recognized for his achievements through the prestigious Edward Jones Eagle Award and the Edward Jones Spirit of Partnership Award given only to top performers. From 2013 to present Mr. Buckles has acted as a contract business consultant, advisor and engineering consultant to various companies in the United Sates and other countries regarding certain special business, engineering, product development, and asset development projects. Mr. Buckles is currently under NDA’s regarding his services and activities with those companies.

US Ambassador ret., Michael Ussery

US Ambassador ret., Michael Ussery, Board Member

Former U.S. Ambassador Michael Ussery, member of the Board of Directors of Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, has led major investments, business development and humanitarian projects in East Europe, Asia, and the Mid-East. Today he serves as a Senior Advisor under a global contract to the U.S. State Department.

Ambassador Ussery also is Vice Chairman of Kima Communications. Since 2009, he has been Chairman of the Advisory Board of the CalErin Group, an investment advisory firm in East Europe. He also is Chairman of Mongolia Holdings, and a co-founder of Safi Apparel in Afghanistan – now in his 15th year on the Board of Directors. Last year he became a founding Board Member of the Hellas Investment Fund for Greece.

Ambassador Ussery serves on a pro bono basis to the Advisory Boards of CorpsAfrica and the International Stability Operations Association, and as a founding Board of Trustee of the Chinese American Museum Fund.

From 2000 to 2014 Ambassador Ussery was a Global Adviser to General Dynamics. In 2001, he was appointed by the Governor of Virginia as one of six Commissioners of the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, turning a former U.S. military base into a commercial center.

Ambassador Ussery was Co-Founder in 1997 of the Romania Moldova Direct Fund (RMDF) and Chairman of its Advisory Board. RMDF turned around five distressed companies, including acquiring near bankrupt Rompetrol, turning it around, and selling the company ten years later for $4 billion.

Ambassador Ussery is President of CAUA, planning and organizing American universities overseas. Previously, Ussery was Chairman and President 2002 – 2006 of the Coordinating Council for International Universities that planned the American University of Afghanistan.

Ambassador Ussery was appointed by President Reagan on December 22, 1988 to be U.S. Ambassador to Morocco, at that time the youngest serving U.S. Ambassador worldwide. He was confirmed by the U.S. Senate 98 – 0, and he served in Morocco until 1992.

At the U.S. Department of State 1981 – 1992, Ambassador Ussery also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Near East and South Asia Bureau; Chairman of the twelve federal agency Libya Task Force, and White House Liaison. In 1988 he was a Senior Advisor to the Bush Campaign.

Ambassador Ussery began his Washington and international career as Chief of Staff to Congressman Carroll Campbell. He graduated from Newberry College where he has since been honored as a Commencement Speaker.

The Honorable Birge S. Watkins

The Honorable Birge S. Watkins, Board Member

Birge Watkins, member of the Board of Directors of Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is a Director of Managed Investment Opportunity Corporation, a New York based fund of funds, a Director of Hellas Investment Management LLC, an international real estate investment company, and was previously a member of a number of other financial and real estate investment company boards. He is currently on advisory boards for companies involved with software, communications, and manufacturing.

Previously, he served on the board of The Lowell Group, a U.S. private equity investment firm with financial investments in Europe. He was Vice President of the Private Client Group of FBR Investment Management Inc. and a registered investment advisor. His real estate investment and development experience includes Vice President of Benton Resources, an affiliate of Trammell Crow Corporation, Vice President of Landmark Atlantic Holdings, and a consulting partner with Encompass Real Estate Advisors.

In government, he served as Staff Assistant to the President for Economic Affairs at The White House (Ford Administration) and staff member of the Council on International Economic Policy. Later, he served as Assistant Director of President Reagan’s Task Force on International Private Enterprise at USAID. He was a member of President George H.W. Bush campaign, convention and transition teams and was appointed to be Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was also Director of the Resolution Trust Corporation’s (FDIC) National Investor Outreach Program. He is a member of U.S. Senior Executive Service.

He was an elected at-large member of the Warrenton, Virginia Town Council and was appointed by two Governors of Virginia to the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority where he served as a Commissioner and Chairman.

He is currently serving as Vice Chairman and Director of the Land Trust of Virginia, Vice Chairman and Director of the Council of American Universities Abroad, and a Director of the Piedmont Conservancy for the Arts.

He received a BA from Alma College, a MBA from the London Business School, and a MPA from the Harvard University.

Mr. Gary R. Blumenthal

Mr. Gary R. Blumenthal, Board Member

Gary R. Blumenthal, member of the Board of Directors of Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is President and CEO of World Perspectives, Inc., a global agri-food market analysis and strategy consulting firm. The company utilizes over a dozen analysts around the world to provide the industry with daily analytical reports on global commodity markets and government policy interventions affecting the market. It also offers specialized consulting services including market investigations and strategies, policy analysis, investment due diligence, and audit and evaluation of existing marketing efforts. The firm’s expertise on the dynamics, economics and outlook for the agri-food sector is frequently made available via professional presentations.

Gary has served on a number of boards and industry groups including the USDA/USTR Grain and Oilseeds ATAC, USDA/FAS Emerging Markets Advisory Committee, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Policy Advisory Committee, C-FARE’s Industry Advisory Committee, Ag Roundtable, Washington Agribusiness Club, and the World Agricultural Forum.

He has been a contributing author at the Congressionally chartered Wilson Center with publications centered on changes in the global agricultural system.

His prior professional roles have included: Deputy Assistant for Cabinet Affairs to President George H.W. Bush; Special Assistant for Agricultural Trade and Food Assistance to President George H.W. Bush; Chief of Staff to USDA Secretary Clayton Yeutter; Legislative Director, Foreign Agricultural Service; Special Assistant, U.S. Air Force; and Legislative Assistant to Congressman Larry J. Hopkins (R-KY).

Miss Amour Setter

Miss Amour Setter, Board Member

Amour Setter, member of the Board of Directors of Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is a Networker, Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO, and Member of the Board of Directors of Kukhula-Tech, a company world renowned for connecting investors with the right opportunities.

A Master Networker and Connector, Amour’s passion lies in connecting investors with opportunities in the tech space. She has worked cross-culturally and in several verticals in regions like Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, USA and Europe.

A Blockchain enthusiast and tech junkie, she has chaired several financial and investment conferences in Europe and has an excellent track record for hosting successful events for investors in the tech space. She has extensive experience in advertising, marketing, sales, project management and event planning, having held various international senior executive management positions in a number of companies worldwide.

With a background in film and advertising, Amour enjoyed a stint as Executive Producer at LA-based film production company, Production Inc. – producers of Quentin Tarantino’s film “Hostel” which was directed by Eli Roth. Other films the company co-produced included “A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” starring Sean Connery, and “Running Scared” starring the late Paul Walker.

A consummate professional, she is highly regarded in the investor community and possesses an exemplary reputation. Amour is also highly active on LinkedIn, with 14k+ followers.

Mr. Wyatt Beauprez

Mr. Wyatt Beauprez, CFO, Board Member

Wyatt Beauprez, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the Board of Directors of Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, has worked in the public accounting sector for over ten years. Employed by several successful regional Oklahoma and Texas based accounting firms. He has held the position of Senior Tax Accountant and Tax Department Manager.

As a tax accountant, he worked with numerous high-net-worth clients with extensive holdings. Work which entailed in-depth tax planning and estate planning services. During this time, he developed a passion for working with startups and mid-level companies to implement novel tax mitigation strategies to maximize gains and minimize exposure to loss.

Wyatt navigated client ventures in Opportunity Zones created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). By doing so, he has led clients to optimize their investments and reap the full benefit of the 2017 tax reform.

As of more recent in his career, Wyatt has helped businesses implement more efficient processes and add more value to their clientele. This includes implementing new software platforms to streamline procedures, processes, and protocols.

Wyatt has also consulted for several local non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City. He is passionate about giving back to his community. He developed a passion for real estate when flipping properties during his undergraduate degree and has since held multiple real estate investments.

Wyatt graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northwestern Oklahoma State university. As well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. He was awarded top consulting thesis of his graduating class.

As stated by Wyatt, “I want to be successful. But more importantly, I want to be successful while holding on to my ethics and morals along the way.”

Dr. Daniel M. Hatton, Ph.D

Dr. Daniel M. Hatton, Ph.D, Founder, Entrepreneur

Dr. Hatton’s philosophy and words of wisdom for success are simply stated, “provide customers with the highest quality product possible at the lowest possible price while providing a decent salary to our employees and a fair rate of return for our investors” and “be good corporate stewards of our environment and communities” and “always maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work” and “by following these philosophies, success beyond your wildest dreams is inevitable”.