About Heavens Sent Industries, PBC

Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) formed pursuant to Title 8, Chapter 1, Subchapter XV of the Delaware General Corporation Law, and is an emerging growth company, as defined under the JOBS Act, that provides communities with fresh water, and HSIPBC™ grown products. The Company believes it is only in this manner that the FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) can be complied with and implemented throughout society worldwide. The methods, processes and procedures obtained by Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, from its existing investor base and others will be instrumental in achieving the food safety goals set forth in the FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act and the success of the company. Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, delivers Biblical solutions through its ecofriendly group of companies that produce environmentally sustainable and renewable water resources, energy resources, food and fertilizer (WEFF).

Keys to Success

The key to success for Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is to promote empowerment of sustainable and renewable resources benefiting ecological, environmental, educational, health and welfare of our community and employees by recycling and reducing waste of our natural resources, and improving the quality of life for our families as we attempt to reduce our carbon footprint to ZERO or less by providing healthy high-quality eco-friendly products with minimum waste while providing customers with services that are superior to the competition, all while providing a bullish return for our investors.

Guiding Principles

To always be the premier global producer of fresh water, and HSIPBC™ grown products by developing, owning, operating and financing superior, sustainable and renewable resources in each of our market segments, thereby maximizing the benefits for our owners, partners, customers, communities and employees.

To create a legacy of positive social, economic and physical impacts for all stakeholders.

To sustain and enhance our already pre-eminent reputation within the industry.

To offer a challenging and dynamic work environment for our employees and our partners.

To be at the forefront of developing innovative sustainable solutions to the challenges that impact our business, our communities, our customers, and the environment.


Inspired by Pope Saint Francis of Assisi Encyclical Letter of May 24th, 2015, Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is dedicated, to delivering Biblical solutions to society as a whole while recognizing humanity’s need for authentic social and moral progress.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment and dedication to the highest possible standards of excellence in every aspect of our business is visible in everything we do. It is reflected in the distinctive architecture and interior design of our developments, in the quality of their construction, in the distinction and reputation of our partners, and in the consistently high positive level of impact our properties have in the surrounding communities. We strive to always exceed customer expectations and be the best in our industry.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are the foundation upon which we build all our relationships. Above all, we stand by our word.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit creates a change-driven environment within our organization and our partners that challenges the status quo. We encourage creative thinking both inside our organization and from our partners and are constantly searching for better ways to accomplish our goals and meet the needs of our clients and customers.

Partner and Employee Opportunity

Our partners and employees are our greatest asset. We invest in them and challenge them to realize their business and professional potential, as well as our corporate goals. We believe opportunity for growth and achievement abounds for those who consistently work and invest in themselves and those around them to reach their goals.


We are accountable to our customers, investors, partners, communities, and each other for the work we produce and the actions we take. We take ownership of our ideas, our projects and our impacts to the communities we serve.


We appreciate our collective dependence on the natural environment and the health and availability of its resources, and as such we strive to influence and promote sustainable development, environmentally conscious corporate practices and green living whenever possible. We believe optimum building performance and environmental responsibility are essential attributes of a quality sustainable community development and gives evidence of our commitment and dedication to the highest possible standards of excellence in every aspect of our business.