Heaven Sent Industries, PBC

It's All About The Water

Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is entering the business of producing and marketing the Premier brand “HEAVEN SENT”™ water based products and manufacturing eco-friendly, recyclable, proprietary packaging and bottles.

“HEAVEN SENT”™ Pure Water

Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, is inspired and dedicated to promote empowerment of sustainable and renewable resources benefiting the ecological, environmental, educational, health and welfare of our community and employees by recycling and reducing waste of our natural resources, and improving the quality of life for our families, our communities and those whom we serve and society as a whole while recognizing humanity’s need for authentic social and moral progress, as pointed out by Pope Saint Francis of Assisi Encyclical Letter of May 24th, 2015.

Heaven Sent Industries, PBC, was created, to deliver Biblical solutions to society through its eco-friendly group of companies that have been designed to produce environmentally sustainable and renewable water resources, energy resources, food, and fertilizer (WEFF) minimizing the Company’s carbon signature in an attempt to reduce the Company’s carbon footprint to ZERO or less.

Heaven Sent Pure Water